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Preventing Food Waste - One Fork At A Time.

Motivate. Educate. Empower. Implement.


Zero-Food Waste Is A Non-Profit Organization With The Goal To:



Our Work

Prevent Food From Being Wasted In The First Place, Through
Education, Outreach, Implementation & Build On Success.

Creating Waste-Free Food Service Can Be Challenging. We Are Here To Help & Advise.

We Work With Your Team To Achieve Your Goal In Reducing Food Waste.  

Our Experts Will Help Lay The Ground Work For Zero-Waste & Put Your Business/Organization/Private Event On A Path Of Greater Sustainability & Potential Financial Savings.


Let's Reduce Our Food Waste & Our Impact On The Climate 


Transform Food System.

The Path To Prevent & Reduce Food Waste

Waste Is Nothing But Resources We Are Not Harvesting.

Design & Manage Waste-Free Events,

Reduce Food Waste In Restaurants, Hotels, Convention Centers, & Grocery Stores, & Individual Household.

Support Innovative Ideas To Up-Cycle Good Food,

Recover Perfectly Edible Food.

Educate. Motivate.

Educate Food Team Members & Event Planners

On Food Waste Prevention Measures,

Build Community Around Food,

Motive & Empower Stakeholders.

Educate & Empower Individual Consumers,

 To Half Their Food Waste.

Education & Empowerment 

A Comprehensive Approach

Advocate & Build Successful Models.

Policy Actions To Incentivize Food Waste Reduction

Food Waste Is An Opportunity Of Significant Magnitude.

Reducing Food Waste Offers Environmental Benefits Such As Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, Conserving Land, Water, Fertilizer, & Energy Resources.

There Are Great Savings For Households & Businesses In Reducing Their Food Waste.


Reducing U.S. Food Waste Will Have A positive Impact On Food Security For Those With Not Enough Food Today & For The Growing Population Of Tomorrow.

We Partner With Communities. 

We Provide Practical Solutions To Shift Consumer Behavior.

Food Waste Is An Inconvienent Truth Of Modern Daily Life


Food Waste Is Happening.

Not A Singel Person Likes To Waste Food.

Most Do Not Know How To Fix It.

Our Team Can Help You.

Let us Help You Curb Your Food Waste.


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Preventing Food Waste - One Fork At A Time